Sales Agency Services

“Create a sense of demand, rather than waiting to have demand.” 

-Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman, investor, speaker, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality.  Life Lessons of Wisdom and Motivation, compiled by M.I. Seka (2015)

Sell, Sell, Sell.

Gaining market traction is no easy task.  Many firms fail in customer adoption because they have trouble finding and hiring the right sales team.  

DLF is here to help organizations quickly ramp up sales efforts.  We quickly learn your technology, the unique selling proposition, competitive advantages, and develop call scripts, FAQs and objection rebuttal arguments.  We quickly drive prospective customers through a planned sales funnel and measure each step of the process, from Awareness, Interest, Desire to Action.

Importantly, we maintain a database of 818,000 blockchain professionals who may want your service.  We reach out digitally and through email with your sales collateral, and follow up each prospect with a phone call to engage and nurture the prospect, and close the sale.

Nobody can guarantee revenues and sales, but it’s good to know that you have  a strong team behind you.

Best of all, our fees are very competitive because we employ a team of on-call appointment setters and sales agents.  So you don’t pay for overhead and costs of idle sales staff.