Quality Control & Process

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

-Aristotle, (285-323 BC), Greek Philosopher, “Philosophy of Mind”

Our Group places a strong emphasis on quality control and is committed to ensuring that our projects comply with the relevant regulations and requirements set by our customers as we strongly believe that the quality of our projects is pertinent to our continued growth, reputation, and market standing.

We have, since inception, been able to meet the high standards set by most five-star luxury hotels because of our commitment to assure the quality of our services. In achieving such standards, our Group adopts strict protocols when it comes to the delivery of our services to our customers. In particular, our protocols ensure that our employees adhere to our customers’ house rules, safety standards, and other operational requirements, and most importantly, mitigating or minimizing disruptions to hotel operations.

We set out below the general quality management procedures that have been implemented in the delivery of our services.

Systematic work plan

Upon the award of a project, we would form a project management team and the team will formulate a systematic work plan in relation to the following key areas: (i) performance and quality of our services; (ii) budget planning; and (iii) management of completion schedules.

Our project team maintains the performance and quality of our services by ensuring that all our employees, from the project director to workers on the ground, are adequately trained in technical skills and customer service. Cost plans for all projects are carefully drafted out and closely tracked to ensure that projects are completed without the approved budget. In addition, our project team closely supervises each project to ensure that actual progress is matched to planned progress and that all significant milestones or stages of projects must take place no later than their specified dates.

Sub-contractor and supplier management

To maintain the quality of all our projects, our Group ensures that our sub-contractors, suppliers, and professionals have the relevant experiences and proven track records before appointing or engaging them. We also conduct regular briefings with our sub-contractors before the commencement of projects on their expected conduct at the customers’ premises and the work ethics of our Group, in particular for our projects at five-star luxury hotels.

Customer feedback

We also conduct regular feedback sessions with both our customers and sub-contractors so as to continuously improve our work processes and quality to ensure our competitiveness in the industry.

Industry best practices

Our Group adopts industry best practices such as submission of brands, adoption of strong internal policies to ensure quality, and obtaining endorsements from reputable professional engineers for designs.

Internal best practices

Our Group adopts internal best practices which have developed since inception to ensure that we (i) provide consistent services that align with the requirements of our customers and applicable regulations; and (ii) address customer satisfaction through our continual improvement processes.

Our internal best practices originated from the work ethics developed by Mr. Manfred Fan throughout the years based on his experiences working with MNCs where he developed principles in ensuring quality control and adopted high ethical standards. Mr. Manfred Fan has actively inculcated such standards into the project managers and supervisors of our Group.


As a testament to our commitment to our quality and excellence, our Subsidiary, ACMES-King, was awarded the bizSAFE Star Level in 2016, while DLF Engineering was awarded the bizSAFE Level 3 certificate in 2016.